Advent Spiral Set-Up


Reversing Falls Sanctuary
1 Black Bear Road
04617 Brooksville , ME
We will begin to assemble the Advent Spiral on Saturday 12/16 at 10am. Helpers are invited to bring a bag of 'tips' of spruce, pine and/or cedar - just the tips, approximately 12" long or less (although bringing the tips is definitely not necessary). We try to conduct this event "in the spirit" with as much attention to mindfulness and our shared community experience as to the physical arrangement of the spiral, which is always lovely. The morning will begin with a meditative reading - be on time if you can. 
If you are overly busy, please don't squeeze this activity in as another task on your 'to do' list. We are hoping for a meditative experience in spite of the business of the season and chaos of a community engaged in the creative process!
Saturday, December 16, 2017 - 10:00
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