Women's Circle

We will be gathering for our Women's Circle on September 9th (the first Sunday falling on Labor Day Weekend).  It will be a time for re-collecting our 8 years together, celebrating our NOW together, and planning for the year ahead together.  Whether you are old, new or on-again-off-again members, you are always welcome in our midst.  Please join us if you can and bring your creative and unique ideas and suggestions with you.

Curtis Brand Concert

Folk Music in Brooksville
Curtis Brand, singer, songwriter and storyteller will appear, Tuesday, August 28th at 7pm, at the Reversing Falls Sanctuary. Brand tells stories through his music with songs that gently reveal the common threads of everyday life touching on both humor and melancholy. His music reaches our sensibilities and raises our spirit.

Peace Concert with Todd Glacy

Sacred Song and Gong Meditation

Join us as we cultivate peace within ourselves through inspirational readings, music and contemplative awareness, followed by a co-creative universal sharing of the peace through a powerful guided Gong Meditation.

Dana Sawyer says this about Glacy: “Todd has a special gift that combine his passion for sound and spirituality into a mystical pathway that he adeptly shares with others . . .”