Women's Circle

Dearest RFS Women! For this next circle, please bring a MASK (if you have one) for the altar...if you don't happen to have one kicking around, perhaps you could make a rudimentary one prior to Sunday? Also, please bring a yoga mat/mat, pillow and maybe a blankie...and YES we will be lying on the floor. Never will be yummy.

3:30 for tea and conversation, 4:00 for program by Carol Leonard and Martha Jordan

Women's Circle

3:30   tea and conversation,  Displays
4-5:30  Program presented by Gail and Daksha
The program will be about CHOICES.  We make choices everyday.  The program/discussion will be about the little everyday choices and then on to an introduction to Choices That Matter:  Conversation about End of Life Choices.   Daksha will display the shrouds she has made and tell the story behind them.  For my part, I'll have you laughing, and maybe crying.
Hope to see you there.