Advent Spiral Set-Up

We will begin to assemble the Advent Spiral on Saturday 12/16 at 10am. Helpers are invited to bring a bag of 'tips' of spruce, pine and/or cedar - just the tips, approximately 12" long or less (although bringing the tips is definitely not necessary). We try to conduct this event "in the spirit" with as much attention to mindfulness and our shared community experience as to the physical arrangement of the spiral, which is always lovely. The morning will begin with a meditative reading - be on time if you can. 

Advent Spiral

advent spiralLet the symbols present in this place guide you on your journey. The evergreens, the beeswax candles, the music – all invite our senses to awaken, to be mindful of what our souls are longing for at the deepest level. This ritual invites us to retreat for a while from the busyness and noise of life and to open ourselves to what the moment and the experience wish to teach us.