About Us

The resilience of the Bagaduce River's Reversing Falls informs the vision of the Reversing Falls Sanctuary - a sacred, welcoming space. Together we seek to:

  • build community
  • encourage spiritual exploration
  • support the arts
  • promote ecological consciousness

For more than 100 years, the Sanctuary served as a meetinghouse for the North Brooksville United Methodist Church. The congregation then merged with UMC in South Brooksville, resulting in the vibrant community gathering place that Reversing Falls is today – always striving to honor the yearnings of the original founding families for deep community connection.

Over the years, Reversing Falls Sanctuary has been host to educational programs, retreats and workshops, seasonal celebrations, and solemn remembrances. We have enjoyed nights of pure fun with music, storytelling and skits. We have hosted women’s circles and knitting circles, as well as classes and events for children.

What holds such a wide diversity of people and events together? What gives RFS activities coherence? The center holds because we engage in a form of communication which delves beneath the surface of things and helps us to explore our lives together.  We hold a sacred space that welcomes inquiry into life’s deeper spiritual and existential questions. RFS’s open invitation to all those who participate in the planning and execution of events serves to unleash the creativity of the individual and the community.

We are a community that:

  • fosters respect for one another and all of creation
  • encourages the identification of individual gifts, empowering each other to use those gifts for the common good
  • honors all stories that inform and inspire people’s lives
  • interconnects the past, present and future in fruitful ways

Know that you are always welcome among us.

September 2013