Autumn Equinox Observance

For thousands of years, we planetary pilgrims have welcomed the sacred event of the autumn equinox with fires, songs and celebration.   Day equals night and light balances darkness on this feast when a season of completion and contentment begins.
What does Earth’s transition have to teach us? Especially this year, this moment, this time of exquisite natural beauty and deep human pain, this time of grieving and sacred rage, this time of emerging from the tomb or the womb?
Please join us as we welcome Autumn with its arms full of summer’s blessings, carrying the seeds of life for next year’s planting.
All fully vaccinated persons are welcome to gather outdoors at the rear of the Sanctuary.
Wednesday, September 22, 2021 - 16:00
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Reversing Falls Sanctuary
818 Bagaduce Road
04617 North Brooksville , ME