CAN: Report on December organizational meeting at RSF

On December 6, 2019, a number of folks who are 'ready-for-action' met to discuss what can be done by a community to address our climate crisis. My goal in orchestrating the conversation was to further organize and define our fledgling Climate Action Net (CAN). One energetic discussion was about solar energy. Progress made in converting Brooksville to solar was reported, and participants were encouraged to do likewise in their Townships.
Most readers, and certainly last night's participants, would prefer to avoid meetings. I agree. CAN should not be a meeting-driven organization. I see CAN working best as an ongoing conversation (conducted mostly by email, website and social media) which suggests directions, actions, as well as serving as a clearing-house for all relevant climate information. This level of commitment - to participate in a virtual forum - may also be more attractive to busy folks. 
Thank you to one and all for what you are doing individually, as well as collectively.  It will take all our actions, big and small, to right our relationship with Mother Earth, to be part of the healing and restoring that the current reality requires of us.  And thank your for the delicious food you brought to share and for your willingness to share your feelings and ideas.
M. Scott Peck wrote the following description of his own experiment in intentional community:
"In any group where men and women struggle to authentically communicate, their individual gifts will eventually emerge just as flowers blossom in a well tended garden. This person will dream for the group, that one will be the grain of sand in the oyster, this one will capture the group's joy, and that one expresses its sorrow with an eloquence I could never have. Community reveals both our gifts and our limitations. Through it I have become not only more grateful for my own gifts but ever more grateful for the gifts of others."
- Tony Ferrara, organizer