Climate Change Planning

Next Steps: THURSDAY, JUNE 25 at 6:30pm


I don't think there is any doubt that Climate Change is on the stove, albeit the back burner. For most folks it's a serious problem or dilemma, but without a way forward. Is there anything that RFS can do to move this concern to the front burner? At our Community Dialogue, the response to the closing question, "Is our community sufficiently creative to expect a positive outcome if we choose to 'take on' this issue?" was a resounding YES!


Our next step should be the formation of a Planning Team. I envision the team, ideally, being gender balanced and having representatives from the young, the sciences, Native Americans and organizations for the Common Good, to include those of an environmental and conservation nature. (The Native American world-view is to be included because, I believe, it embodies a connection, intimacy and respect of the environment which is necessary to energize our response.) One of the tasks of the team would be to conceptualize a longitudinal program of events, possibly including Climate Change as the 2016 six-week Lenten Theme and culminating with a clear path forward. You are invited to come to our next meeting, shown below, or to participate via email. (In light of our varied schedules, I don't see any reason why individuals could not participate via email: having input, reaction and linkage to a particular task-group.) 


  • Building bridges to like-minded organizations, to include churches and colleges
  • Educating ourselves about the science of Climate Change
  • Encouraging our neighbors and ourselves to think and talk about Climate Change
  • Working in concert with the town, e.g., town-use solar offset proposed by Rob Shetterly
  • Completing a successful WindowDressers Community Build, while building community
  • Helping to 'spark' other communities to shape their unique responses to this imminent threat


We are in a fortunate position with the WindowDressers project to engage the community regarding Climate Change. It is a natural segue, in that WindowDressers will be fabricating several thousand window inserts this year which will help to reduce CO2 emissions. It is amazing how many people and organizations have volunteered to participate in the effort. The same people who would decline attending (another) meeting, are eager to do something hands-on, concrete and real. Clearly, the concern about Climate Change already exists and is substantial. Are we sufficiently creative to tap into this 'energy' and shape a constructive community response to the challenge we and all the Earth family currently face?

Tony Ferrara

Thursday, June 25, 2015 - 18:30
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Reversing Falls Sanctuary
818 Bagaduce Road
04617 North Brooksville , ME