Climate Conference Workshops

George Stevens Academy, Blue Hill, Maine
July 20, 2019 
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What’s Happening to the Earth’s Climate?

Dr. Paul Mayewski, Director and Distinguished Maine Professor, Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, and author of 400+ peer-reviewed articles.
An overview of scientific findings relating to climate change and a description of the methods by which evidence is verified.

What’s Happening to the Oceans?

Dr. Jeremy Jackson, Professor of Oceanography Emeritus at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Senior Scientist Emeritus at the Smithsonian Institution. Previously, Professor of Ecology at Johns Hopkins University.
An overview of the changes in our oceans and report of an ecological odyssey on the Mississippi River and its impact upon the Gulf of Mexico.

What’s Happening to Maine’s Fisheries?

Robin Alden and Ted Ames. The duo co-founded the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries. Robin served as Maine Commissioner of Marine Resources and founded Commercial Fisheries News. Ted, PhD, fisherman, recipient of 2005 MacArthur (Genius) Award and Bowdoin 2010 Coastal Studies Scholar.
Talk will provice an overview of climate effects and real world changes in Maine fisheries, scientific and management approaches and opportunities.

Solar Energy for Your Home, Community and Town Government

Jonathan Hart, Revision Energy, is a Licensed Electrician and Solar Design and Installation Expert. He is a Certified Permaculture Designer and B-Corp facilitator.
An overview of converting to solar energy at an individual and community level.

Reducing Fossil Fuel Emissions Through (Non-partisan) Political Action

Dr. Peter Garrett, Maine State Coordinator, Citizens’ Climate Lobby
A presentation by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby of their bill that has been successfully introduced into the US Senate and House of Representatives involving both Republicans and Democrats, and a description of their Carbon Fee - Citizen Dividend Plan. 

Agroecology: the Low-hanging Fruit for Climate Stability and Biodiversity

Florence Reed, Director of Strategic Growth, Sustainable Harvest International
Reporting on regenerative farming practices that have lifted thousands of families out of poverty and saved tens of thousands of acres of rain forests, and whose by-product is sequestering CO2 rather than emitting it.

Sustainability 101:Building Resilience into Your Life and the Community

Dr. Nico Jenkins and Dr.Thomas Stone, of Husson University
The professorial duo will offer descriptions and experiences of their team-taught course aimed at increasing the resilience of students in the face of climate change.

A Climate to Thrive (ACTT): Showcasing its Climate Action Successes

Gary Friedmann is Co-founder of A Climate to Thrive (ACTT) and Maine Climate Action, and Chairman of the Bar Harbor Town Council.
This very effective community organization, ACTT, will showcase its success in reducing its area’s dependency on fossil fuels and help us to learn how our community can do the same. 

Home Design for Our Changing Climate

Dick Gregor (BSME, PE, LEED) a Maine Professional Engineer, Nasa Fellow, Dartmouth, Thayer School, Department of Energy Building America Program and Carol Gregor, Design Build, NAHB Award recipient in Design and Film Producer, The Lost Language of Architecture, will share their years of home and commercial building, design and construction experience and research, to provide an overview of the impact of personal decisions we make.

Climate Stress and Psychology: Improving Understanding, Healing and Engagement

Dennis Kiley, Therapist, COA Counselor and Board Member of A Climate to Thrive
Coping with the psychological impact of our awareness of our Climate Change from a Psychological, Ecological and Spiritual perspective. Participants will be helped to understand the roots of the problem, how to heal the pain within.

The Emotions of Climate Change

Dr. Amanda Bertana, University of Maine, a member of the Scholars Strategic Network and an Environmental Sociologist is co-presenting with Laura Rickard, PhD, Assistant Prof. of Risk Communications, University of Maine.
A discussion of effective responses to the apocalyptic climate change reports to which we all are exposed, and changing how a community talks about such issues can produce constructive emotional changes.

Climate Change is a Spiritual Challenge: You Can Never Get Enough of What You Really Don’t Want

Rev. Alice Hildebrand, A former Quaker minister holding a Masters of Divinity.  She is a Board Certified Chaplain, and has studied world religions and done in-depth work on Ecology.
To have the willingness to make the necessary changes in our lifestyle to mitigate climate change is our spiritual challenge. Gratitude, humility, generosity, courage, hope and relinquishment - these are our tools to a new self-understanding