Climate Convergence Conference

George Stevens Academy, Blue Hill, Maine
July 20, 2019 
Welcome to the conference website.
world-globeConvergence is the key to this event: the convergence of the different generations, the convergence between the Physical and Social Sciences, and the convergence among organizations willing to champion science and acknowledge that life on earth is in jeopardy. Together we can explore the roots of science denial and change the nature of the public discourse regarding Climate Change. We may be surprised, as well as heartened, to find that our deepest private feelings about the state of our planet are widely shared by others, and by so doing empower each other to action. It is unfortunate that this convergence for the Common Good is necessitated by the convergence of climate catastrophes. 
Through this lens we ask the question,”With all the floods, forest fires, hurricanes, typhoons, and droughts of unprecedented magnitude, isn’t it time to try science-based climate policy?” To explore this question the conference will bring together dozens of organizations from a variety of sectors: environmental, conservation, business, education, food producers, health, social justice, marine, and spiritual. Together, we will:     
  • Learn the current state of earth’s health with acclaimed Climatologists
  • Gain insights into re-framing the public Climate Change narrative
  • Explore the problem of climate-related stress with Social Scientists
  • Learn about a number of successful climate actions in our area
  • Hear the voices of youth responding to our climate crisis

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