Climate Convergence Conference: Events

George Stevens Academy, Blue Hill, Maine
July 20, 2019
The Conference will feature presentations to the general assembly, workshops, lunch, music, art and student projects.

General Assembly

Co-keynote presentations will be shared by:
  • Chloe Maxmin, State Rep to the Maine Legislature, and
  • High school students from George Stevens Academy, Deer Isle-Stonington High School and Mount Desert Island High School

photo of Chloe Maxmin

Representative Maxim is a leader in fossil fuel divestment and an advocate of the Green New Deal. The students will offer their personal reaction to the climate situation they are inheriting. Another feature of the assembly will be brief reports of successful climate actions by various organizations.

Rob Shetterly of Americans Who Tell the Truth will act as host and share his own understanding of climate change gleaned from his interviews with more than a dozen climate luminaries, such as Bill McKibben. His paintings of climate activists will be on display for viewing.


You will have the opportunity to attend three workshops. Please take a moment to select the three workshops which are of greatest interest to you. Your non-binding selections will be helpful for planning purposes. Find detailed descriptions of the workshops here. [Check back soon for interactive form to register your selections.] 

Informational Tables/Networking

Several community organizations will staff tables at the conference. You'll have time to visit with them and learn about their contributions to the community and their involvement and concerns about climate change.


Admission and lunch is free for all youth and students who pre-register online.
For all others, the cost to attend the conference is $10. This minimal fee is made possible by the generosity of our speakers and volunteers. Adults have a choice to bring their own lunch or order lunch by pre-registering online and paying $10 lunch fee on the day of the conference.  Lunch is a vegetarian wrap, apple, cookie and  beverage. Everyone is encouraged to bring a water bottle. 
Pre-register and sign up for workshops! [Coming soon]
The conference is convened by the Climate Awareness Initiative of Reversing Falls Sanctuary, in conjunction with Americans Who Tell the Truth.  See list of Conference supporters here.