Creating a Community Solar Farm

Join ReVision Energy regional manager John Luft for a presentation on the development of community solar farms. Luft will explain how renters, home and business owners within the same utility territory can cooperatively own a large-scale solar panel array in a ground-mounted location ideally suited to solar energy production. Community solar farms, or CSFs, make green energy possible at locations which, for aesthetic or practical reasons, are not suitable for private installations.

Additionally, solar farm shares are transferable and can also move with a CSF member should they choose to relocate within the same utility territory. Renters, homeowners, business owners, and non-profits are all able to participate in a CSF. Information on the current federal tax credit and low-interest financing options will be presented.

In Maine, where two solar farms are currently in operation, a group of owner/members is paired with a landowner host and 100% of the solar electricity generated by the array, ideally built in an open field, is sent to the grid and automatically credited to the utility accounts of each member of the group based on their ownership percentage stake in the solar farm.

The workshop, open to all local residents, is part of the Reversing Falls Sanctuary's Community Climate Change Initiative which encourages the transition to clean energy for the sake of a healthy planet. For more information, call 326-8564.

Thursday, September 10, 2015 - 19:00
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Reversing Falls Sanctuary
818 Bagaduce Road
04617 North Brooksville , ME