Ebb and Flow Newsletters

December 2021 NOTICE:  Much thanks to Gary Vencill for his dedication in producing an RFS monthly newsletter over several years. Now that Gary has "retired" from that duty (in order to rejoin the ministry), we will no longer be posting newsletters here.  Keep up with our latest news through our events calendar and our NEW blog.  

Newsletter archive (2013-2021): 

July 2021 edition - Community Tech Ambassodors Grant; Community Memorial Gathering; Steeple Report

June 2021 edition - Summer Soltice gathering, community building grant, qigong and tai chi classes, and other community news

April/May 2021 edition - Readings on Race, Intergenerational Climate Conversation, new Wifi at RFS, Expressions of Creative Resistance 

March 2021 edition - Spring series details, Intergenerational Climate Conversation, Tent Project update; Readings on Race, and more event announcements

February 2021 edition - Annual appeal; Spring series; My Grandmother's Hands study groups

January 2021 Special MLK Day edition - MLK Day Observance; My Grandmother's Hands readings and practices; upcoming events

January 2021 edition - Winter solstice; Our Grandmother's Hands study group; coming events

December 2020 edition - Student art project; Tent Project update; new sewing and yoga groups; readings on race update

November 2020 edition - new piano from the Clifford family; post-election events

October 2020 edition - Virtual Halloween event; Annual Report; Autumn Equinox reflections; Susan Barrett Merrill Art exhibit

September 2020 edition - Time and Space during COVID; Autumn Equinox Celebration; updates from Climate Action Net and the Tent Project

August 2020 edition - Wisdom from John Lewis; My Grandmother's Hands; Magic Food Bus schedule

July 2020 edition - Covid-19; addressing racism; treasurer's report

June 2020 edition - June 1 Day of Mourning observance, tent project, treasurer's report

May 2020 edition - pandemic-related musings, stories and calls to action

April 2020, special Earth Day edition - steeple update; Passion of the Earth: the Fourteen Stations

April 2020 edition - Masks needed, other Covid-19 messages from the community, RFS updates

March 2020, special edition - In a Time of Pandemic

March 2020 edition - Spring series: Practices for Resilience

February 2020 edition - New show at The Gallery Within; 12-step program update; steeple reonovation project

January 2020 edition - RFS 12-step group; steeple project; ongoing climate crisis study groups

December 2019 edition - Annual Advent Spiral; Harvest Supper; Black Friday Climate Action

November 2019 edition - Year in Review; upcoming events; steeple appeal

October 2019 edition - Climate Strike, Water Research Workshop, Tent Project, Steeple fund-raising report, upcoming events

September 2019 edition - Renovation updates; Red Book workshop report; upcoming events

August 2019 edition - Climate Conference re-cap; upcoming RFS events; building renovations update

July 2019 edition - Climate Convergence Conference this month; Rock Stacks; building renovations update

June 2019 edition - Dancing with the Cannibal Giant; Climate Conference preview; building renovations update

May 2019 edition - Gallery Within art shows and related events; building renovations update

April 2019 edition - 2019 RFS theme: water; building and grounds report

March 2019 edition - featuring The Gallery Within; new year-long programing theme: "Water"

February 2019 edition - Building Community; current art; Deep Ecology

January 2019 edition - upcoming art shows and climate change events, continuing Kaleidoscope conversation, recap of December events

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