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July 2021 edition - Community Tech Ambassodors Grant; Community Memorial Gathering; Steeple Report

June 2021 edition - Summer Soltice gathering, community building grant, qigong and tai chi classes, and other community news

April/May 2021 edition - Readings on Race, Intergenerational Climate Conversation, new Wifi at RFS, Expressions of Creative Resistance 

March 2021 edition - Spring series details, Intergenerational Climate Conversation, Tent Project update; Readings on Race, and more event announcements

February 2021 edition - Annual appeal; Spring series; My Grandmother's Hands study groups

January 2021 Special MLK Day edition - MLK Day Observance; My Grandmother's Hands readings and practices; upcoming events

January 2021 edition - Winter solstice; Our Grandmother's Hands study group; coming events

December 2020 edition - Student art project; Tent Project update; new sewing and yoga groups; readings on race update

November 2020 edition - new piano from the Clifford family; post-election events

October 2020 edition - Virtual Halloween event; Annual Report; Autumn Equinox reflections; Susan Barrett Merrill Art exhibit

September 2020 edition - Time and Space during COVID; Autumn Equinox Celebration; updates from Climate Action Net and the Tent Project

August 2020 edition - Wisdom from John Lewis; My Grandmother's Hands; Magic Food Bus schedule

July 2020 edition - Covid-19; addressing racism; treasurer's report

June 2020 edition - June 1 Day of Mourning observance, tent project, treasurer's report

May 2020 edition - pandemic-related musings, stories and calls to action

April 2020, special Earth Day edition - steeple update; Passion of the Earth: the Fourteen Stations

April 2020 edition - Masks needed, other Covid-19 messages from the community, RFS updates

March 2020, special edition - In a Time of Pandemic

March 2020 edition - Spring series: Practices for Resilience

February 2020 edition - New show at The Gallery Within; 12-step program update; steeple reonovation project

January 2020 edition - RFS 12-step group; steeple project; ongoing climate crisis study groups

December 2019 edition - Annual Advent Spiral; Harvest Supper; Black Friday Climate Action

November 2019 edition - Year in Review; upcoming events; steeple appeal

October 2019 edition - Climate Strike, Water Research Workshop, Tent Project, Steeple fund-raising report, upcoming events

September 2019 edition - Renovation updates; Red Book workshop report; upcoming events

August 2019 edition - Climate Conference re-cap; upcoming RFS events; building renovations update

July 2019 edition - Climate Convergence Conference this month; Rock Stacks; building renovations update

June 2019 edition - Dancing with the Cannibal Giant; Climate Conference preview; building renovations update

May 2019 edition - Gallery Within art shows and related events; building renovations update

April 2019 edition - 2019 RFS theme: water; building and grounds report

March 2019 edition - featuring The Gallery Within; new year-long programing theme: "Water"

February 2019 edition - Building Community; current art; Deep Ecology

January 2019 edition - upcoming art shows and climate change events, continuing Kaleidoscope conversation, recap of December events

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