Women's Circle

So much has happened since we last met.... It is times like this that our Women's Circle can help with connection and support. We hope you can join us for the June Zoom Circle. Many of us were surprised how well the May's Zoom Women's Circle worked. We were able to share what was important to each of us.
Please bring a poem, quote, short reading, work of art, or anything else that comforts you, inspires you,or brings you joy or hope  to share with the group.  Feel free to share a few words about why this has meaning for you.

Women's Circle

Women of the Circle:
Please join us on Sunday at 4pm for another Zoom gathering. Although Zooming may not be completely satisfying, we can enjoy seeing one another and sharing pieces of our lives.

Women's Circle

Carol S. invites us to share the story of what brought us to this beautiful place and what it was about the landscape that captivated us.
This will be a time of telling stories and getting to know each other in a new way.
We hope you will join us on Zoom, our new way of being in circle.  Carol L. will be our host.  All are most welcome.
Contact if you are not already on the email list and want to be added. 

Response to a Call from Wabanaki Reach

What: Ceremony of Reflection, Meditation and Prayer In Response to a Call from Wabanaki Reach
Where: Reversing Falls of the Bagaduce
When: Sunday, June 14, 2020, 4 p.m.
Wear masks, bring your chair. We will need to park up at the Sanctuary [or at Snow's and walk down.]
Our poem for today is by Claire Bear Forrest Mortimer
All Life is Sacred
Truth is Sacred
We All have a Sacred Duty