Summer Solstice Celebration

Join us to celebrate this important day when the intense rays of the sun reach the northernmost tip of our planet, as we tilt fully towards our great Day Star.  On this day when the hours of sunlight are the longest, and the hours of darkness are the shortest, let us join with our ancient ancestors who lived in harmony with the sun and the moon and who knew deep in their bones the sacredness of such moments. With song and story and poetry, we will gratefully honor the blazing gift of our Sun.

Need more info? Call 326-8564. 

All are welcome.

Women's Circle

Please join us as we continue exploring our theme of "letting go," with a focus this month on what we might want or need to hold on to during this process.  Carol G., Joan Mac., and Martha J. will be our guides.

Come a few minutes early to share tea (BYOM) and conversation.

Bring a scarf if you can. (We'll have extras if you can't)

All are welcome...