Women's Circle: The Enneagram

Please come and learn about an ancient Sufi personality system called The Enneagram.

This is an alternate month when individuals share something important to them and their lives.  Anne Ferrara will describe this complex way of self-understanding and explain how it has transformed serious familial issues for her.

There are several websites that offer free Enneagram tests for you to find your particular "world view" or pattern.  If you feel so inclined, dive in!!  Just type in "enneagram."

Women's Circle

At 2:00 p.m. today, we will open the exhibit of Annie Poole's Advent Paintings.  This year, we have the joy of hanging them in our Gallery Within which will highlight even more the beauty and meaning of these wonderful family stories.  

Winter Solstice Celebration

Here we are at the Winter Solstice, 2014 which once again marks the birth of a new era, the transition from autumn to winter. In Maine, we are particularly conscious of the Winter Solstice as the darkest (or shortest) day of the year and the longest night. How do we enter this time of dualities, integration, and transition?