Film: Journey of the Universe

Our generation has discovered what no previous generation knew – the ways in which galaxies and stars, planets and living organisms have emerged within the vast drama of the Universe. Weaving modern science with enduring wisdom from the world’s cultures, the film, Journey of the Universe, explores cosmic and Earth evolution as a profound process of creativity, connection and interdependence, and offers an opportunity to respond to the ecological and social challenges of our time.

Iona, Our Spiritual Experiences

Sunday, October 13, 2013, 4-5:30 PM.

Six local pilgrims will share their experiences of visiting Iona, Scotland, spanning 40 years. This tiny island in the Inner Hebrides has drawn spiritual seekers since 563 AD.

Come experience some of the deep sense of this "thin place."

For more info call Chris at 326-8930.

Labyrinth Walk (also Thursdays at 9 a.m.)

Come walk the 7-circuit classic labyrinth at 15 Drury Lane, Brooksville, off Route 175/Bagaduce Road.

This  field-mown labyrinth offers a meditative walk with one path in to the center and the same path out -- not a maze.

Brief introduction at 3 PM and seasonal refreshments after the walk. All ages welcome, rain or shine.

Co-sponsored by Reversing Falls Sanctuary. Info: contact Chris at 326-8930.

Drury Lane is approximately .6 miles southeast on Bagaduce Road from the Sanctuary.

Women's Circle

The Second Half of Life

An ongoing exploration of the deep river within each of us that flows beneath the busyness of our daily lives.
 (usually the 1st Sunday of the month)