Film: Listening for Signal

The original Council on the Uncertain Human Future held a reunion meeting in February 2016. Drawing on earlier conversations on the climate crisis, they raised new questions that they extend to us in the film Listening for Signal. Their meeting was filmed by Nara Garber in a project funded by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The Council on the Uncertain Human Future is a practice of intentional conversation around the climate challenge and its implications. It begins with reviewing the climate science, exploring the root causes of the crisis – cultural, political, economic, psychological and spiritual — and then facing the implications of what is taking place. In light of what we come to know and hold, we feel out possibilities for our individual and collective behavior. Finally, together we seek new perspectives on living now for the future we wish to see. In the UHF Council, we acknowledge and stay with what we come to see, allowing vision and action to emerge from that place of reckoning. In a gradual collective way, new creative insights and collaborations become possible. Following the film, Sarah Buie, Founding Convener of the Counil, who worked closely with Nara on the film, and her husband Walter Wright will join us for a conversation. To learn more about this international network, visit: Council on the Uncertain Human Future

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018 - 19:00
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Brooksville Free Public Library
1 Town House Road
04617 Brooksville , ME