What Should We Teach the Young About Climate?

Climate Action Net and the Brooksville Free Public Library are presenting this free online panel discussion.
Panelists will be:
Ania Wright: Member of Maine Climate Counsel
Thomas Stone, PhD: Physics Prof. & Sustainability Coordinator 
Henry Penfold: Deer Isle Stonington Senior and Eco-club Leader
Amanda Bretana, PhD: Professor USoCt & Environ-Sociologist
Anwen Hudson: Deer Isle Stonington High School Senior
Rob Shetterly: Director, Americans Who Tell the Truth
Zoe Weil: President/Co-founder, Institute of Human Education
The Conversation will be moderated by Dennis Kiley, Director of the Eco-Psychology Institute, Bar Harbor Maine
To join, use the following Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 871 9903 3011
Passcode: 864490
Saturday, June 4, 2022 - 16:00
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