WindowDressers: The Home Stretch

I am assuming that all recipients of this report have a nodding acquaintance with WindowDressers. If I am in error, you can correct that by going here where there is more than enough information to learn that 'we' are building hundreds of insulated window inserts in order to lower our communities' fuel costs, reduce carbon emissions and keep our neighbors most stressed by the cold, warm. And it's all going to take place in the Brooksville Community Center during the last week in October (10/26-31). The 'we' who are doing this are persons with a wide range of affiliations that includes local churches (of which St Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church is a principal), civic groups (e.g., Community Resource Collaborative), George Stevens Academy, individuals purchasing inserts, etc.

New developments in this project include:

  • RFS, in performance of the WindowDressers project, has been awarded a Pulliam Grant for Social Justice by the Castine Unitarian Universalist Church.
  • More than 60 of the 80 half-day volunteer spots needed to complete the Blue Hill Peninsula Community Build in Brooksville have been filled. Kudos to all our neighbors who have stepped up to make this project work!  You can still sign up here.
  • A number of folks have volunteered to provide breakfast fare, lunch morsels, and other such amenities which should make this a tasty event, as well as an ecological and compassionate one.
  • Arrangements have been made to collect the insert frames on Saturday, 10/24 from Rockland, which we will fabricate at the Community Build.
  • The truck will be unloaded and the work-stations will be set-up beginning Sunday, 10/25 at 10am under the direction of Carol Gregor, Production Coordinator. (The 'more hands make lighter work' maxim always applies.)

See the Weekly Packet article on WindowDressers (10/1/15 edition).

Although Saturday, October 31 is not listed as a work day on the schedule accessed by the RFS website (VolunteerSpot), we plan to be finishing the build on that day with a group of George Stevens Academy students. This will also give those of you who are not available during the week the chance to participate in the build. If you would like to help on Saturday, 10/31, to build or distribute inserts, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Tom Adamo, at Saturday the 31st will also be the primary day to collect ordered inserts; you will hear more about picking-up your inserts from our Distribution Coordinator, Carl Karush.

My hope since the beginning of this project has been, first, that our community would rally to 'take on' the task of fabricating a product beneficial to our neighbors, ourselves and Earth, and, second, that it can all be done in the spirit of cooperation, harmony and a sensitivity to individual differences. Reality being what it is, our new (ad)venture will probably be chaotic, at times.

In closing, I would like to thank the Castine Unitarian Universalist Church for awarding Reversing Falls Sanctuary the funds required to conduct our Community Build and make our task easier.

Tony Ferrara
October 3, 2015