WindowDressers: Phase 2

In phase 1, the primary task was to introduce WindowDresser panel inserts and establish working relationships with church outreach groups and civic organizations. Subsequently, we have formed a partnering relationship with St. Francis by the Sea, and supportive or cooperative relationships with the Community Resources Collaborative, Brooksville United Methodist Church, Tree of Life Food Pantry, Simmering Pot, North Sedgwick Baptist Church, North Blue Hill Grange and the Castine Universalist Unitarian Church. From this activity, we have received requests for more than 200 of the 300 panels allotted to us for our first WindowDressers Community Build.

In phase 2, teams of two volunteers will begin to visit homes to evaluate their suitability for panels, measure windows and place orders. WD has provided us with everything we need to accomplish this: laser rulers, training, instruction manuals and, soon, a software program allowing direct computer inputting of measurements and orders.

A second activity in this phase is the selection of homes to receive the subsidized panels. A poster/flyer has been created to facilitate this process, and will be distributed in such places as food banks, community meals, etc. Priority will be given to homes in which we would anticipate the greatest heat gain and where this gain could be readily assessed.

We have come to understand that there are a number of out-of-pocket or operating costs associated with the implementation of the project, so we will be doing some outreach to meet this need.  If any individual or organization would like to contribute to the WindowDressers operational fund, please call 326-8564 for instructions.

This is an exciting program that can only be accomplished by many folks learning to work together. Volunteers are needed for physical work (e.g., transporting panel frames or taping a panel), administrative activities (coordinating the distribution of completed panels), outreach (representing project to groups) and home activities (calling folks to schedule events).

Remember, WindowDressers is a Win(1)-Win(2)-Win(3) program.  It has the potential to: 1. keep our neighbors warm, 2. reduce our carbon footprint, and 3. build a resilient and caring community.

Get more background information about our project here.

February 2015