Women's Circle Fiber Arts Exhibit


To honor our four years together, the Reversing Falls Sanctuary Women's Circle created a Fiber Arts Exhibit. The work ranged from wearables to sculpture and included quilting, knitting and shibori dying on silk. The exhibit drew from the influences of the following: Judy Chicago's communal making of the famous DINNER PARTY by artists and non-artists, using china painting and stitchery; Jean Shinoda Bolen's idea of women's circles to change the world; and the communal making of The Quilts of Gees Bend, the daughters of slavery who encoded their stories in stitches. Here are a few photos from the February 2015 exhibit, featuring the work of 20 local women.

quilts heirlooms
quilt remnantsculpture quilt
collage rugs
scarves wool sweater